Different Types Of Lights That You Should Pack For Your Camping Trip

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Different Types Of Lights That You Should Pack For Your Camping Trip

7 March 2017
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When you're getting ready to send your child off to overnight summer camps in New England, or you're camping as a family, it's important to give careful consideration to how you'll manage things after the sun goes down. With no nearby light switch to flick on, you'll need to have a plan for how you'll see during the evening and night, whether you're hanging out in your tent with a book, trying to follow a path to the outdoor toilet or doing anything else in the dark. While a traditional flashlight is a valuable addition to your gear, you should also think about these different types of lights.

Head-Mounted Light

Whether you're cooking, reading or making an adjustment to your tent after dark, you'll need both hands — which can make keeping the area illuminated a challenge. The simple solution is to use a head-mounted light. Typically consisting of a panel of bright white LED lights attached to an elastic headband, this type of light is a valuable ally when you're camping. You can adjust the headband to fit you comfortably, and wear this light to keep the area in front of you lit up, regardless of where you are and what you're doing.

Glow Sticks

Glow sticks are useful in a variety of applications when you're camping. When you're in the tent at night, for example — perhaps playing cards or a board game with your family or friends — you can't reasonably each hold flashlights and each of you wearing a head-mounted light can be a bit overkill. Instead, set a glow stick in the center of the tent and it will illuminate the area brightly. Glow sticks are typically available in several different neon colors, such as yellow, green, red and blue, and will be exciting for your kids to use, too.

String Lighting

A set or two of string lighting hung around your campsite can make the area feel inviting, not to mention make getting around easier and safer after dark. There are many different types of string lighting to consider; some types are powered by batteries, while others have a small solar panel as a source of power. You can also get different colors of string lighting, which can make for a festive look around your campsite. Putting them up is easy; simply run the lights through the low branches of the trees around the site, and turn them on when the sun sets.